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The Mindanao Peace Council is a civil society organisation that is dedicated to creating bridges of peace by building communities through appropriate resources from the government, non-government and other organizations who share the same vision. Further, the council employs holistic approaches through committed partnerships from all sectors, that firstly understand the roots and causes of conflict, violence and injustices, with an aim to transform individuals and communities into beneficial elements of the society without recourse to prejudice by allowing themselves to identify that which will make a difference.

The Logo

The Mindanao Peace Council Logo is an adaptation from the United Nations with modifications made and adjusted to conform to the local situation and its multicultural identity.

The Name: Mindanao Peace Council is a civil society organization that has existed to promote and encourage organizations to be humanitarian and engage in peace efforts that foster sustainable peace.

The Year: (2012) Though it was just this year that it formally existed as a council, the predecessor- Davao Peace Council had its beginnings on 2012 from which the council traces its roots since the original members form the same due to increased and intensified extension works beyond the borders of Davao Region.

The Dove: It is the universal symbol of peace in any culture, strata, demographic, etc. across the globe and thus adapted.

The Leaves: It represents the 27 provinces of Mindanao and the City of Davao from which the council originates and born to its noble purposes. Also means cooperation and unity of these provinces in peace building efforts.

The Map: Literal representation of the Mindanao group of Islands from North to South longitude to its West to East latitude.

The Outer Wheel (Circle): Represents the perpetuity and continuity of its purposes and adherence to its core values and standards as it extends beyond its sphere, or from Mindanao to the entire nation and to the world.The Inner Wheel (Circle): Represents the never-ending commitment of its members in their humanitarian efforts that foster sustainable peace as it benefits them, their immediate society and culture and as it extends itself towards mutual understanding amongst its fellow Mindanaoan.

Statement from the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process

  “In spite of our differences in political ideology, religious belief, culture and values, [our] theme is a call for unified action towards our shared aspiration for a just, comprehensive and enduring peace where there is not merely the end of internal armed conflicts, but just as importantly the resolution of root causes of the armed conflicts and social unrest, transformation of Philippine society to one characterized by justice, equity, tolerance, harmonious pluralism, and full respect of human rights. Since our peace and development roadmap directs us to a shared peace and prosperity, the key to the success and sustainability of the gains of the peace process is the continuing partnership and inclusive, transparent and participatory engagement of the whole of government with the Filipino community. Working for peace is always a joint effort between our government and our people.” – SEC. JESUS G. DUREZA