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JCI Duwaling is an all-female chapter of JCI Philippines, a non-profit organization of young active citizens aged 18 to 40 yrs old and committed to creating impact in the communities. Its members come from all walks of life and had leadership potentials – youth from advocacy groups, young professionals from public and private institutions, and entrepreneurs. While JCI Duwaling adheres to the mission of JCI in providing development opportunities and empower young people, the organization supports the efforts of the national government, along with the private individuals and organizations, in promoting peace and sustainable development for the communities in Mindanao. The ladies of Duwaling have become an epitome of being servant-leaders, role models, and prime advocates for the rights and welfare of women, youth and children.


Inspired with the significant milestones over the years of its existence, JCI Duwaling focused its direction to bring the organization at par with the national and international standards in the delivery of its services to the communities that needed it most. Hence, for the calendar year 2020, the organization aligned with the National Theme of JCIP, “2020 Mold and Motivate: Working Together, Winning Together”.

With the current on-set of CoVid19 Pandemic affecting not only the Philippines but globally, JCI Duwaling saw the need for a “united effort” to take a stand and execute aggressive actions amidst the crisis. Thus, having its localized theme which is “Tambayayong Ug Timbang Para Sa Ugma Nga Lamdag” that translates to “Collaboration and Counterbalance for a Bright Future” because JCI Duwaling believes that together, as one community and nation, we will rise above all the challenges we are facing.

One decade of community services led JCI Duwaling to activate its own 11 Brands of Impact which enabled the organization to connect with more partners and stakeholders and streamline its change-making activities.

The following are the 10 Brands of Impact and their brand mission:

  1. Duwaling CAMP: To promote organizational growth and strength through training and coaching.
  2. Juana Power Up: To empower and nurture women.
  3. YOULead: To provide platform for Mindanao Youth to lead in developmental peace.
  4. Edukids: To create everyday readers for a #readingnation
  5. Duwaling Funds: To raise funds for project implementation
  6. Duwaling Gives: To make the community a better place through “bayanihan” and volunteerism.
  7. Duwaling GIGZ: To increase the participation of women who are passion-driven the for children, women,
    youth and peace.
  8. DuwaLINKS (Links to Impact with Network and Key Stakeholders): To create impact through
  9. KATRIBU: To enable Indigenous Communities to proactively stand and engage in social action and
    positive change.
  10. MERKADU: To promote entrepreneurship by bringing the products of local communities and Duwaling
    members to the market.
  11. EcoDuwaling: To build sustainable solutions in protecting the environment